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Conference and Show to offer four courses for state licensing requirements

July 17

“UCC and Contracts”

(Three hours of continuing education credit)
Instructor: John Schultz, ATS

This course is an intermediate course tailored for the practicing Auctioneer to serve as a refresher on the Uniform Commercial Code, the importance of solid contracts and an examination of case review and case studies to illustrate issues of weak contracts, warranties and application of the UCC in auctioning personal property. This course addresses aspects and issues of the UCC through a more thorough approach than is generally covered in a basic UCC course, and it addresses the contractual process from the basic elements of the contract through formation and issues of warranties. Finally, this course will explore issues of inspection as they apply to both live and online auctions.

July 18

“State Specific Comparative Auction Law”

(Three hours of continuing education credit)
Instructor: Wendell Hanson, CAI, AARE, GPPA

This course is designed for the multi-state licensed Auctioneer who wishes to have a clear understanding and legally comply with the various state laws as they move from one state to another. This course presents an auction law overview of all 13 states requiring continuing education (AL, AR, GA, IN, IL, KY, NC, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI) and explores the legal similarities and legal differences between each state. Each state’s laws are presented individually and in comparison covering the key points of the following: definitions, licensing and reciprocity, bonds vs. recovery fund, escrow, advertising, continuing education and the rules and regulations. This course also examines grounds for revocation and suspension of a license.

July 19

“Industrial Auctions: 2013 and Beyond”

(Three hours of continuing education credit)
Instructor: Burdette Wilber

This course is designed for the commercial and industrial Auctioneer who wishes to explore ways to stay competitive in the rapidly changing marketplace. This course covers new business development tools, traditional, hybrid and individualized contract agreements, environmental issues, venues, payments, buyer contracts, marketing and processes from set-up through follow-up. This course will explore the traditional practices for this sector as well as current trends and practices with an emphasis on how to incorporate a fresh approach to contracting, marketing and conducting industrial auctions.

July 19

“Business Practices: Post Auction – How We Handle Money, Taxes and Data”

(Three hours of continuing education credit)
Instructor: Wendell Hanson

This course is an intermediate-to-advanced business practices course designed to address issues facing multi-state and travelling Auctioneers specific to how information and funds are collected, managed, handled and distributed. This course will include a review of payment processes and escrow and trust accounting practices, with a more advanced discussion on fund security, data security, consumer protection and other federal regulations affecting Auctioneers that present unique challenges for multi-state licensed professionals. In addition, this course explores changes to sales tax codes as well as collection and reporting requirements in a comparative chart to assist the multi-state Auctioneer and auction companies with tax compliance issues. An introduction to the Streamlined Sales Tax Project by applicable states is included along with a review of other unique sales tax issues that exist in some states. This course will be presented forum style.


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Four presenters plan to help Conference and Show attendees drive new business

Speakers lined up for this year’s Conference and Show promise to improve auction professionals’ interview and photography skills, help benefit auctions thrive and spread some magic.

Here’s a look at the speakers set for the National Auctioneers Association’s 64th International Auctioneers Conference and Show scheduled for July 16-20 in Indianapolis.
Devin Henderson
“Share Your Magic: Performing at your best to make a real difference, every day”

Devin Henderson is a magician — one whose tricks often lead to positive changes in audience members’ personal and professional lives.Devin Henderson

Henderson, who works as a keynote speaker and what he calls a corporate magician, seeks to help others find their own magic.

“What is it that you, as an Auctioneer, bring to the table that’s unique?” says Henderson, who lives in Shawnee, Kan.

An individual’s magic, he says, is most effective when shared with others. And that means helping business competitors.

“A good entertainer thinks, ‘How can I help others?’ When you help other people grow their businesses, you end up helping your own business,” Henderson says.

His presentation won’t be all serious magic. He promises comedy and cool mind tricks.
Andy Imholte, ATS, BAS
“Lights, Camera, Auction”

Andy Imholte hopes those in his audience walk away not only knowing what video and photography equipment to purchase, but also how to start using the devices effectively.Andy Imholte

“I want to give everyone the tools they need to change a few things to make their business better,” says Imholte, a second-generation auction professional from Shakopee, Minn., who holds a degree in marketing and graphic design.

He’ll give advice on shooting photos and video of auction items by giving details in areas including lighting, green screens, light boxes, megapixels and YouTube.

“These are the little things that are going to make you more competitive,” he says.

In addition, he’ll advise the audience on when it’s time to hire out photography and videography.

“There comes a point when your time is better spent booking an auction than going after creative pursuits,” he says.

Kathy Kingston, CAI, BAS
“Death of a Benefit Auctioneer: How to avoid killing your auction career”

Kathy Kingston has bright news for benefit Auctioneers.Kathy Kingston

“What we know is that giving is up across America — studies are supporting that,” she says.

The positive statistic can be met with mistakes, though.

“Too often, benefit Auctioneers are leaving money in the room,” she says.

Kingston, an author, Auctioneer and consultant based in Hampton, N.H., seeks to use her presentation to help auction professionals avoid common mistakes.

Outside of avoiding pitfalls, Kingston says her interactive presentation will offer entrepreneur strategies, highlight ever-changing industry trends and ways to capitalize on the changes.

“There are so many services you can provide to grow loyalty, add value, and then you can raise your fee,” she says. “If you’re just walking in, calling a benefit auction sale, eating your chicken dinner and leaving, you’re not helping your clients or yourself.”

Kelly Strauss
“The Interview Process to Seal the Deal”

Auction professionals can often become a bit lax about interviewing clients, says Kelly Strauss.Kelly Strauss

“We need to remember that the client is interviewing us, too,” Strauss says. “A lot of times, we get caught up in our daily routine, and we forget to grab the shoe polish and wipe off our shoes.”

Strauss, a King George, Va.-based Auctioneer with a 31-year sales career will seek to hone auction professionals’ client interview skills.

Those in attendance will analyze and compare attendees’ interview approaches; create and develop techniques for interview success; distinguish between positive and negative interview techniques; plan and organize the interview process; and value professionalism in all settings.

Interview preparation is key, he says.

“Do your due diligence before you go to your interview,” Strauss says.

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Keynote speaker says he will focus on identifying opportunities for change

Cufaude The 64th International Auctioneers Conference and Show’s theme, “Driving Innovation,” takes Jeffrey Cufaude’s mind to Heinz’s “Dip and Squeeze” ketchup packet.

This handy product makes dipping food in ketchup, even while driving, more doable and also offers the traditional ketchup squeeze option — all while carrying three times more ketchup than the standard packet.

“By watching how people use ketchup packets, they took a problem that people had been experiencing for a long time and came up with a better way for people to use ketchup packets,” Cufaude says of the product, which launched in 2011.

“So how do you become more innovative? It all begins with paying attention to human behavior. Look for opportunities where people are frustrated, where they’ve created a work around, or they want to do something but can’t figure out how to do it.”

Cufaude is scheduled as the keynote speaker at the July 16-20 Conference and Show in Indianapolis. He calls himself an architect of ideas and has an Indianapolis-based business, Idea Architects.

Cufaude’s past experience includes serving as Executive Director of two national associations and working as a student affairs staff member at two public universities. He now aims to build communities of ideas and idealists through his writing, facilitation, consulting and speaking.

Innovation, Cufaude says, is often misunderstood. People often think innovative is a synonym of creative, which he says isn’t the case. Nor does innovation have to be revolutionary, like the iPhone, he says.

“Innovation is a change that improves value or performance,” he says, adding he learned the definition from the late business expert Peter Drucker.

Expect Cufaude’s keynote to explain why innovation is increasingly important for organizations to embrace, offer some simple habits that attendees can incorporate into daily life to foster innovative results, and show examples of what innovate organizations and individuals look like in action.

He asks that attendees bring their problems.

“Be looking for opportunities to innovate,” he says. “What is it that you would most like to change? Hopefully, my keynote will help answer that question.”

Many times, a popular innovative solution is something most people didn’t know they needed.

“Did you know you needed Swiffer before Swiffer was invented? We made it through all these years without Swiffer, and now we have all these different types of Swiffers in our homes,” Cufaude says.

“Proctor and Gamble discovered an opportunity by watching the way people do or don’t clean their homes.”

Anyone, not just big companies, can land a breakthrough.

“There are innovative opportunities around us all the time. We just have to slow down and watch,” he says.

And once the problem is identified, the hardest part is over, he says.

“Once you know what you are trying to solve, there are really simple processes that you can use,” he says.

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Auctioneers to learn how a little schmoozing might go a long way

Winning people’s heart

The 61st International Auctioneers Conference and Show continues Wednesday, July 14, with keynote speaker and award-winning magician Devin Henderson.

Henderson’s message, “Schmooze ‘em or Lose ‘em,” focuses on what he calls “The magic of treating people well.”

“Relationships with clients are just like relationships with your friends or your relatives,” Henderson says. “Schmoozing is a way to make positive impressions on people and build up satisfying and lasting relationships with your clients.”

Henderson has a unique style of presenting his message using magic, comedy, pick-pocketing and audience participation.  He regularly performs coast to coast in front of Fortune 500 companies, churches and college campuses.

Henderson will deliver the keynote presentation at the Opening Session on Wednesday, July 14, at 8:30 a.m.

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Conference and Show keynote speaker to provide magic and motivation

By Ryan Putnam
associate editor

Magic touch

Devin Henderson You might think 2010 International Auctioneers Conference and Show keynote speaker Devin Henderson has something up his sleeve.

Don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what it is, though, because in the mean time he’ll probably have swiped your wristwatch.

Never fear, the National Auctioneers Association hasn’t resorted to booking a shady character to give the keynote address at Conference and Show — it has hired one of the most unique and entertaining speakers in the business.

Henderson has a message, but he has an unusual way of delivering it to his audience. His presentation is full of surprises and acts of magic that never fail to astound even the most astute audiences.

In addition to being an energetic motivational speaker, Henderson is an award-winning magician. He was recently named “2010 Stage Magician of the Year” by the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

He has appeared on FOX, CBS, NBC and multiple television commercials throughout his career. He regularly performs coast to coast in front of Fortune 500 companies, churches and college campuses.

His keynote speech: “Schmooze ‘em or Lose ‘em,” focuses on what Henderson calls “The magic of treating people well.”

Henderson built his business from the ground up and says his career is based on personal connections he has with his clients.

“Relationships with clients are just like relationships with your friends, or your relatives,” Henderson says. “Schmoozing is a way to make positive impressions on people and build up satisfying and lasting relationships with your clients. It basically boils down to the ‘golden rule,’ and how treating other people well pays dividends for everyone involved.”

Read more from Auctioneer magazine here.

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