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Celebrate Earth Day by thanking the “original recycler”

Contact: Chris Longly
National Auctioneers Association
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Auctioneers celebrate more than 2,000 years of recycling, renewing and reusing

Overland Park, KS, April 14, 2010 — “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. We’ve heard the saying before but we rarely consider the value of items we carelessly throw away. When you break out the brooms and cleaning supplies to begin your spring cleaning or when celebrating Earth Day, reconsider the items you needlessly throw away and consider acquiring the professional services of history’s first recycler, the auctioneer. Consumers discard assets every day they no longer use or value but fail to realize they may be throwing away items others want to buy.

Long before the practice of recycling or the world became aware of “carbon footprints,” actually 2,000 years ago, auctioneers were recycling goods and assets for customers.  Every day auctioneers in communities large and small assist their clients by marketing and selling assets they no longer use while providing buyers with a marketplace to purchase for their homes, personal collections and businesses.

Over a quarter-trillion dollars in goods and assets are sold every year in the U.S. by professional auctioneers. The gross volume and dollar value of assets sold at auction increases even more when adding the daily transactions that occur on Web sites like eBay.  Consumers and businesses use the services of auctioneers to professionally market, advertise and sell their possessions they no longer use in return for money.  Auction-goers return to auctions week-after-week on a “treasure hunt” for the next addition to their collections.

Contrary to popular belief, talking fast isn’t the only skill an auctioneer possesses. Auctioneers are marketing and advertising specialists who understand the psychology of selling. Every day auctioneers recycle, renew and reuse valuable collectibles, jewelry, artwork, antiques, rugs, crystal, furniture, heavy equipment, business equipment, and much, much more.

On Saturday, April 17, 2010, auctioneers throughout the world will celebrate National Auctioneers Day. On this special day auctioneers volunteer in their communities and educate the public about the benefits of selling and buying at auction.  Five days later people throughout the world will be celebrating Earth Day (April 22, 2010), a day established for the world to focus on preserving and protecting the planet. This year, recognize history’s first recycler and consider celebrating National Auctioneers (Recycler) Day on Saturday, April 17, 2010.


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