Conference and Show to offer four courses for state licensing requirements

July 17

“UCC and Contracts”

(Three hours of continuing education credit)
Instructor: John Schultz, ATS

This course is an intermediate course tailored for the practicing Auctioneer to serve as a refresher on the Uniform Commercial Code, the importance of solid contracts and an examination of case review and case studies to illustrate issues of weak contracts, warranties and application of the UCC in auctioning personal property. This course addresses aspects and issues of the UCC through a more thorough approach than is generally covered in a basic UCC course, and it addresses the contractual process from the basic elements of the contract through formation and issues of warranties. Finally, this course will explore issues of inspection as they apply to both live and online auctions.

July 18

“State Specific Comparative Auction Law”

(Three hours of continuing education credit)
Instructor: Wendell Hanson, CAI, AARE, GPPA

This course is designed for the multi-state licensed Auctioneer who wishes to have a clear understanding and legally comply with the various state laws as they move from one state to another. This course presents an auction law overview of all 13 states requiring continuing education (AL, AR, GA, IN, IL, KY, NC, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA, WI) and explores the legal similarities and legal differences between each state. Each state’s laws are presented individually and in comparison covering the key points of the following: definitions, licensing and reciprocity, bonds vs. recovery fund, escrow, advertising, continuing education and the rules and regulations. This course also examines grounds for revocation and suspension of a license.

July 19

“Industrial Auctions: 2013 and Beyond”

(Three hours of continuing education credit)
Instructor: Burdette Wilber

This course is designed for the commercial and industrial Auctioneer who wishes to explore ways to stay competitive in the rapidly changing marketplace. This course covers new business development tools, traditional, hybrid and individualized contract agreements, environmental issues, venues, payments, buyer contracts, marketing and processes from set-up through follow-up. This course will explore the traditional practices for this sector as well as current trends and practices with an emphasis on how to incorporate a fresh approach to contracting, marketing and conducting industrial auctions.

July 19

“Business Practices: Post Auction – How We Handle Money, Taxes and Data”

(Three hours of continuing education credit)
Instructor: Wendell Hanson

This course is an intermediate-to-advanced business practices course designed to address issues facing multi-state and travelling Auctioneers specific to how information and funds are collected, managed, handled and distributed. This course will include a review of payment processes and escrow and trust accounting practices, with a more advanced discussion on fund security, data security, consumer protection and other federal regulations affecting Auctioneers that present unique challenges for multi-state licensed professionals. In addition, this course explores changes to sales tax codes as well as collection and reporting requirements in a comparative chart to assist the multi-state Auctioneer and auction companies with tax compliance issues. An introduction to the Streamlined Sales Tax Project by applicable states is included along with a review of other unique sales tax issues that exist in some states. This course will be presented forum style.


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