Four presenters plan to help Conference and Show attendees drive new business

Speakers lined up for this year’s Conference and Show promise to improve auction professionals’ interview and photography skills, help benefit auctions thrive and spread some magic.

Here’s a look at the speakers set for the National Auctioneers Association’s 64th International Auctioneers Conference and Show scheduled for July 16-20 in Indianapolis.
Devin Henderson
“Share Your Magic: Performing at your best to make a real difference, every day”

Devin Henderson is a magician — one whose tricks often lead to positive changes in audience members’ personal and professional lives.Devin Henderson

Henderson, who works as a keynote speaker and what he calls a corporate magician, seeks to help others find their own magic.

“What is it that you, as an Auctioneer, bring to the table that’s unique?” says Henderson, who lives in Shawnee, Kan.

An individual’s magic, he says, is most effective when shared with others. And that means helping business competitors.

“A good entertainer thinks, ‘How can I help others?’ When you help other people grow their businesses, you end up helping your own business,” Henderson says.

His presentation won’t be all serious magic. He promises comedy and cool mind tricks.
Andy Imholte, ATS, BAS
“Lights, Camera, Auction”

Andy Imholte hopes those in his audience walk away not only knowing what video and photography equipment to purchase, but also how to start using the devices effectively.Andy Imholte

“I want to give everyone the tools they need to change a few things to make their business better,” says Imholte, a second-generation auction professional from Shakopee, Minn., who holds a degree in marketing and graphic design.

He’ll give advice on shooting photos and video of auction items by giving details in areas including lighting, green screens, light boxes, megapixels and YouTube.

“These are the little things that are going to make you more competitive,” he says.

In addition, he’ll advise the audience on when it’s time to hire out photography and videography.

“There comes a point when your time is better spent booking an auction than going after creative pursuits,” he says.

Kathy Kingston, CAI, BAS
“Death of a Benefit Auctioneer: How to avoid killing your auction career”

Kathy Kingston has bright news for benefit Auctioneers.Kathy Kingston

“What we know is that giving is up across America — studies are supporting that,” she says.

The positive statistic can be met with mistakes, though.

“Too often, benefit Auctioneers are leaving money in the room,” she says.

Kingston, an author, Auctioneer and consultant based in Hampton, N.H., seeks to use her presentation to help auction professionals avoid common mistakes.

Outside of avoiding pitfalls, Kingston says her interactive presentation will offer entrepreneur strategies, highlight ever-changing industry trends and ways to capitalize on the changes.

“There are so many services you can provide to grow loyalty, add value, and then you can raise your fee,” she says. “If you’re just walking in, calling a benefit auction sale, eating your chicken dinner and leaving, you’re not helping your clients or yourself.”

Kelly Strauss
“The Interview Process to Seal the Deal”

Auction professionals can often become a bit lax about interviewing clients, says Kelly Strauss.Kelly Strauss

“We need to remember that the client is interviewing us, too,” Strauss says. “A lot of times, we get caught up in our daily routine, and we forget to grab the shoe polish and wipe off our shoes.”

Strauss, a King George, Va.-based Auctioneer with a 31-year sales career will seek to hone auction professionals’ client interview skills.

Those in attendance will analyze and compare attendees’ interview approaches; create and develop techniques for interview success; distinguish between positive and negative interview techniques; plan and organize the interview process; and value professionalism in all settings.

Interview preparation is key, he says.

“Do your due diligence before you go to your interview,” Strauss says.


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