NAA to offer cloud-based appraisal tool

Auction and appraisal softwareThe National Auctioneers Association has teamed up with a software company to develop a personal property appraisal tool that could cut report preparation time in half and enable data input and access from any online device.

Appraisal Manager, the name of the new program, aims to replace appraisers’ current report generation and data storage programs — such as word processing programs, spreadsheet software and computer hard drives — with what the NAA members guiding the project call a cutting-edge and revolutionary product.

The program is thought to be the first cloud-based database and report generation program for personal property auction appraisers. Cloud-based technology uses the Internet to access and store information.

To use the program, an appraiser will go to the program’s website and log in with a private username and password. Then, the appraiser can store data and create reports.

The program is expected to go live this month. It will be available to NAA members who are obtaining or hold the GPPA designation. The GPPA course before Conference and Show in July will include an overview of the program.

The NAA will offer a 30-day free trial. From there, the annual cost of the program is $200 for those who continue to pay their annual GPPA designation dues.

The program will include report elements required by USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice). It includes the NAA and GPPA logos, and reports will state that documents are NAA approved and meet USPAP and IRS standards.

The program will also track GPPA information, such as continuing education credits and class schedules.

The technology will do the following:

•    Streamline the appraisal report process
•    Save time in report assembly
•    Provide users with industry standard value definitions
•    Include machinery and equipment, personal property, and antiques and collectibles
•    Include all USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) required report elements
•    Provide secure, cloud-based storage of client and appraisal information plus unlimited storage of appraisal photographs
•    Allow access to client and appraisal information from any web-based device
•    Generate secure PDF appraisal report documents to email to clients
•    Impress clients with advanced technology
•    Provide users with an industry leading personal property appraisal manager

Check out Auctioneer magazine for more details.



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2 responses to “NAA to offer cloud-based appraisal tool

  1. I would hope that NAA would also recognize auctioneer members which hold an Appraisal Certification or license and are USPAP compliant. Even if they have not taken the GPPA class. Every 2 years Wisconsin Certified and licensed appraisers take 7 hours of USPAP classes. The software would be beneficial to these NAA members also.

  2. I’m excited to start using the appraisal manager. I was a certified appraiser but now only do personal property appraisals. I think it should only be available to GPPA appraisers and auctioneers. This gives people an incentive to join the NAA and stay active. I can’t wait for this!!

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