Alternative therapies might help Auctioneers maintain wellness

Auctioneer Dave Webb knows the stress of standing and chanting for hours, microphone in hand.

That is in part why he regularly visits with a chiropractor and acupuncturist.

“We only get one body, so we need to take care of it,” says Webb, BAS, GPPA, of Webb & Associates in Stilwell, Kan. “I encourage people to explore all of the health care options available to us.”

Alternative health care therapies offer numerous benefits to Auctioneers, from helping to alleviate stress and physical pain, boosting digestive health, improving concentration, lowering blood pressure and more.

More people are turning to alternative health care therapies. Roughly 38 percent of American adults and 12 percent of children use some form of alternative treatment, according to a 2008 study by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the National Center for Health Statistics.

alternative healthThe most popular were deep breathing exercises, meditation, massage therapy and yoga, the study found.

Dr. Darshan Khalsa, of Reston, Va., a longtime practitioner of alternative health care, says he typically instructs new patients to employ deep-breathing exercises, which they can do on their own time.

Khalsa recommends patients practice long, deep breathing in five-minute intervals three times a day. He has even developed an iPhone application called “Long, Deep Breathing” to help people time their breaths.

“This makes a tremendous difference in overall stress level,” says Khalsa, who sees patients at Khalsa Integrative Medicine. “When we are stressed, our breathing becomes short and shallow. When we are relaxed, our breathing becomes slow and deep. So by making our breath slow and deep, we can actually induce a more relaxed state.”

Depending on the ailment, Khalsa also recommends herbal products and acupuncture, a traditional Chinese treatment that involves the insertion of thin needles on strategic points of the body. In recent years, numerous studies have shown acupuncture — which aims to restore the body’s energy flow — can help relieve physical pain.

Long-term, chronic stress, if untreated, can result in numerous health problems, Khalsa says, including acid reflux and heartburn, fatigue, physical pains, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. More clients are seeking alternatives to Western medicine, he says.

“Western medicine is wonderful for treating trauma and life-threating disease,” Khalsa says. “But it does not offer much to battle long-term, chronic stress. It does not really pay attention to issues until they become extreme.”

Read the full story in Auctioneer magazine.


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