Speaker offers six tips for motivating employees

Good leaders manage attitudes and behaviors … not people, says motivational speaker Chip Madera, MS, CSP.

Madera, who presented “The Leadership Lion: Maximize the Leadership Skills in You” during Conference and Show in Spokane, Wash., told attendees more than 70 percent of employees are either disengaged or actively disengaged in what they do.

Disengaged employees sleep walk through the day, while the latter try to bring organizations down, he says.

To properly motivate employees, Madera offers business leaders six pieces of advice:

1)    Don’t try to motivate people to do something they don’t want to do
2)    As all people are motivated — some to work hard and some not — keep employees engaged in order for them to provide value to an organization
3)    Motivate employees by making work personally rewarding
4)    Encourage employees to obtain what they don’t have
5)    Realize that motivation is temporary
6)    Do not try to motivate all employees in the same way, though treat all fairly

Madera continued by saying that managers best motivate employees by showing appreciation as well as keeping them informed on what’s going on within an organization.

“People who really work hard for you, you need to thank them every day,” he says.

Also, in order for people to get inspired about what they do, Madera says managers should be equally inspired about their own work. It’s easy to lose your passion for business, but auction professionals must live and work their passion.

He recommends Auctioneers rediscover the reasons they were first inspired to get into the industry, such as through bid calling. He says leaders will excite others around them when they get back to what drives them.

Leaders can’t love everything about what they do, but they must make the best of the worst situations and consider delegating to others the things they don’t love.

“You cannot deny that which is meaningful and passionate to you,” he says.


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