NAA members select leaders

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National Auctioneers Association members affirmed by acclamation the appointment of Paul C. Behr, CAI, BAS, as the organization’s Vice President during the NAA and National Auctioneers Foundation’s Annual Business Meeting and Election on July 19 at Conference and Show in Spokane, Wash.

Before he was voted into the position, Behr told NAA members that the association was a strong, vibrant and fiscally sound organization. He also said he plans to be an inclusive leader who will work to welcome all auction professionals into the association.

Also during the morning event, NAA members chose Devin Ford, CAI, CES, and Terri Walker, CAI, BAS, CES, as new Directors for the association. Ford had 259 votes, and Walker received 202.

Ford describes himself as a workhorse who will consistently put his best efforts toward serving members. He says the NAA has a rich tradition of integrity, professionalism and innovation.

Members have selflessly shared ideas and advice with one another throughout the NAA’s history. He says education and technology should be a top priority for the association.

“We have big shoes to fill, but I passionately believe that if we respect and learn from our past, if we are good stewards of our present, the greatest days of the National Auctioneers Association are ahead,” Ford said before he became Director.

Before the election, Walker said she would focus on promoting the auction method and serving NAA members.

“We’re in for some challenging times,” she says. “We’re in for some great changes. We have a Board that is already in place that is excited about changes. They’re looking for the betterment of the Auctioneer. I, too, am looking for that.”

In other NAA news during the Business Meeting, Outgoing President Christie King, CAI, AARE, BAS, announced the Board of Directors had voted during its July 17 meeting to approve the following:

•    Creating one class of membership that provides all members the right to vote in NAA elections
•    A reduction in Education Institute Trustee terms from four to three years
•    The elimination of the Candidate Information Review Committee and establishment of a Nominating Committee

Also, King announced the 2014 NAA Conference and Show will take place in Louisville, Ky.

Auctioneers Foundation

In addition, the NAF affirmed its entire slate of leaders for its 2012-2013 Board of Trustees.

Randy Ruhter is NAF President; Sandy Alderfer, CAI, MPPA, is Vice President; and new Trustees are John Dixon, CAI; Lonny McCurdy, AARE; and Randy Wells, CAI, AARE, BAS, CES, GPPA.

Ruhter describes the relationship between the NAA and NAF as strong, and he says he is proud of how the organizations have worked together.

“I hope that in the next year we can form an even stronger bond,” he said during the meeting. “We both have a common mission in serving you: the auction professionals. During the next year with NAF, I hope to improve our fundraising efforts by extending the online auction. I hope that we continue to recognize that we are successful because of you: our donors.”


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