Keynote speaker says branding is all about emotional engagement

Just because people know about you and your auction company doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll want to use your services.

Marketing or branding is more about emotions than awareness, says Scott Deming, professional speaker, consultant and author.

“It’s an emotional connection a person has with another person or with an entire organization based on an experience — based on a one-of-a-kind, relevant, emotional … experience,” Deming continued during his keynote presentation, “Managing Change and Your Brand for Sustainable Success,” at Conference and Show on July 18 in Spokane, Wash.

Branding, he says, is not just about coming up with creative ideas and marketing campaigns. Because they’re in the people business, Auctioneers must emotionally engage buyers and sellers — making them raving fans of their businesses.

He recommends that auction professionals focus on what people feel about them, not on what they think about them.

Companies such as Starbucks Coffee Co. and Harley-Davidson make people feel important, and they focus on relationships and experiences as opposed to the products they sell.

Auction professionals should follow those models, Deming says.

“You know what we remember? We remember powerful moments: good ones, bad ones. All you get is that one moment … make that moment an experience no one will ever forget,” he says.

In addition, he says today’s business leaders are innovators who must understand and embrace change. They inspire and empower their employees not to fear the outcome of the unknown, but rather to get excited about making progress.

Foundation donations

Also during the Opening Session, National Auctioneers Foundation President Benny Fisher, CAI, led National Auctioneers Association members in a 12×12 initiative designed to provide members with an easy, affordable way to give back to the auction industry.

The program encourages individual members to give $12 per month, or $144 annually.

Fisher says a tax-deductible, $12 donation once a month for a year will help the NAA improve its educational programming.

Members who attended the Opening Session pledged more than $35,000 through the program.


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