NAA Board plans to take action on Task Force recommendations

The National Auctioneers Association Board of Directors acted on recommendations from the Vision 2015 Task Force during its spring meeting in mid-April.

The Board now plans to vote, during its summer meeting in July, on allowing any auction professional to join the association as a voting member; however, it chose to forgo a name change at this time for the association.

During its meeting, the Board of Directors thoroughly discussed the recommendations, as well as feedback NAA members provided during the past three months.

In response to the Vision 2015 recommendations, considering strongly the input from NAA members, the Board made these decisions:

1) It will vote on the creation of one class of membership that provides all members the right to vote in NAA elections. Approval requires a change to the NAA’s Bylaws.

2) No membership vote will take place on a potential name change for the association. A name change would have required an amendment to the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. As some NAA members liked the name change as proposed, and some did not, the Board will continue to ask for feedback and conduct research on the issue so as not to rush into a decision.

3) It tabled the suggestion to eliminate the Immediate Past President position. The Past President will continue to serve on the Board.

4) It will vote on a possible revision to the NAA Bylaws that would align them to reflect the section of the Articles of Incorporation regarding Presidential Appointees. According to the NAA’s Articles, the President of the Association has his or her choice on whether or not to appoint an outside individual to the Board.

5) As the NAA’s Education Institute supports a reduction in the number of its Trustees, with the intention of creating more efficiency within the group, the Board plans to vote on a revision to the NAA Bylaws that would do the following: 1) Reduce Trustee terms from four to three years; 2) Eliminate two positions, through attrition, by 2015; 3) Discontinue the NAA Treasurer’s service on the Board effective July 2013. If approved, the Education Institute Trustees would comprise six members, plus the NAA Vice President, in July 2015.

6) It plans to vote on a Bylaw change that could eliminate the Candidate Information Review Committee and establish a Nominating Committee. The group would be responsible for submitting up to two candidates per vacancy on the Board of Directors. Individuals who wish to serve without nomination from the committee could still run as long as they met the deadlines specified in the Bylaws.


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