Instruction on GPS devices part of preconference education

If you’re looking to get from “here to there” in your auction business, one of the best places to start might be getting your customers where they need to be.

For Auctioneers that sell land or real estate, that means providing clear, accurate property descriptions and driving directions. Many auction professionals might find GPS devices useful for this purpose.

But GPS technologies are more than just toys for road trips, fishing excursions and golf outings. They’re business tools that when used to their full potential can improve auction marketing, says Rick Hood, of Hood Consulting & Services, Edmonds, Wash.

Hood plans to present “Practical Land Navigation for the Auction Professional: A Hands-on Course” from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on July 17, the same day that kicks off the 63rd annual International Auctioneers Conference and Show in Spokane, Wash.

The preconference event is designed to teach students how to conduct land surveys and better relate with land surveyors, bankers and potential buyers. It also will help auction professionals produce better property descriptions for marketing purposes, Hood says.

In the hands-on course, Hood provides instruction on how to use several types of GPS devices, including those on smartphones. He also teaches students how to read legal descriptions and find property boundaries.

Some of the training will be outdoors, and Hood plans to provide loaner equipment, including GPS units and compasses, for student use. Hood recommends that students wear comfortable shoes.

Hood says his workshop will give Auctioneers a competitive advantage in their respective marketplaces. The course is open to all preconference or Conference and Show attendees, regardless of their backgrounds in GPS technology, for an additional $50 fee. It is limited to the first 24 registrants.

Then, on July 18, the NAA plans to present a 90-minute version of the course, “Practical Land Navigation,” in the late afternoon. The session is for registered Conference and Show attendees only.


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