Webinars, recordings inexpensive sources of online education

National Auctioneers Association members who want online education should look no further than the NAA’s website.

That’s where they’ll find Industry Insights webinars and the Knowledge Center, which comprises audio and video recordings from Conference and Show educational seminars.

One NAA Auctioneer, Barbara Bonnette, CAI, AARE, GPPA, has found Industry Insights to be a big help for her company, United Country — Bonnette Auction Co. LLC, Alexandria, La.

Not only does Bonnette find the webinars useful for her professionally, she says they’re beneficial for managers, marketers and other members of her auction staff. During company meetings, the employees of Bonnette Auction Co. sometimes sit and watch the webinars together.

Bonnette says webinars that provide tips on technology, such as “Craigslist for the Auctioneer,” are most helpful for her staff.

“Even though we were already using Craigslist, it gave us tips on how to make it work better for us,” she says.

The free Industry Insights webinars, she says, are convenient because she and her associates can watch them at any time. They also cut down on training expenses.

“For me, we’re going to make the time to do things better,” she says. “We’re always looking to improve and offer the best or be the best.

“I want to see more online education, and I think it’s starting here.”

Then, Bonnette says, she and members of her company can get more in-depth education and networking from NAA events such as educational summits, designation academies and Conference and Show.


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