Auctioneers split on sources of new business

Auctioneer Matthew Price follows a couple of simple rules: Cold calls do not work. Neither do e-mails or text messages. To build a relationship with a funeral director, Price insists on face-to-face meetings.

“We’ve gotten so used to communicating electronically these days,” says Price of Blue Hound Auctions in Fuquay Varina, N.C. “It’s important to sit down and meet with the directors one-on-one to let them know who you are and what you are about.”

Estate sales are big business for Auctioneers, but building relationships with funeral home directors can be a tricky subject. Some Auctioneers say they avoid doing so because they do not want to be seen as ambulance chasers. Instead, many seek out lawyers or bankers who work in estate planning.

Others disagree, saying funeral directors are among the most vital professional contacts and typically appreciate having information to pass on to clients.

Read the complete story from the August issue of Auctioneer magazine and then comment on this blog post to let us know what you think.


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