The foundation is set for the NAA’s first female President

The groundwork has been laid, and now, National Auctioneers Association President Christie King, CAI, AARE, BAS, seems up to the challenge of leading the NAA into the future.

Her journey as an NAA leader started when she became a member of the association’s Board of Directors in 2006. The election was in Orlando, Fla., site of the 2006 International Auctioneers Conference and Show.

Since 1992, the year King joined the NAA, she also has served as an Education Institute Trustee and as a member of several committees.

In 2009, King was elected Vice President of the NAA, and because of a structural change to the Board of Directors, she served two terms in that office. The change meant King would take over as President this past July at Conference and Show in Orlando.

She says former NAA Presidents Randy Wells and Scott Musser, CAI, BAS, as well as Past President Mark Rogers, CAI, AARE, have helped put in place the policies and procedures that will allow her to focus on the NAA’s future.

The NAA also is fortunate to have had Hannes Combest, CAE, as its Chief Executive Officer for more than three years, King says. Combest has served as a mentor to the Executive Committee, and she has provided valuable input along the way, quickly gaining the respect of Board members.

In late June, along with Combest and other NAA members, King led the Vision 2015 Task Group in a meeting that focused on how the association might move forward, given suggestions from “Give Me Five, Now Ten … Years Into the Future,” a paper produced by the Council on Future Practices.

“If the NAA stays the way we are today, I don’t think the NAA will survive … the future, 20 years from now,” King says. “Things are changing in the world so fast.”

To help ensure the success of the NAA and its members for generations to come, King says the organization must provide new types of educational resources, and it must deliver business tools and communications that help all Auctioneers, whether they’re new to the business or 30-year veterans.

She says communications and educational platforms should be offered on the Internet whenever possible, as in her own career, she values the convenience of online continuing education. As an NAA member who also benefits from face-to-face communications, though, King says the NAA will not lose sight of in-person networking opportunities, whether for educational or business purposes.

Jeff Hathorn, CAI, of J.P. King Auction Co. Inc., Gadsden, Ala., says King works hard to keep up with new technologies, requirements and regulations that might affect Auctioneers.

“Being a woman, in itself, will definitely add a different perspective to this office,” Hathorn says. “Having been born in the auction business, Christie will bring a lifetime of experience and knowledge coupled with her untiring work ethic. I have no doubt that she will do whatever it takes to serve this office proudly.”

Read the entire feature on King in the August issue of Auctioneer.


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