Seminar reveals reasons why some businesses fail

Most businesses don’t really work, says Bob Clements, an owner and director of marketing for E-Myth Benchmark, Des Moines, Iowa.

In his Conference and Show presentation July 14, “E-myth: Auctioneering Practice vs. the Business,” Clements exposed the myth that most small businesses are started by entrepreneurs.

He says they’re not.

Instead, he says technicians ― those people who know how to perform the work ― start businesses under the incorrect belief that they know how to run them. And that, Clements says, is why most businesses fail to produce the results that their owners desire.

If a business is not succeeding, Clements says in most cases the blame should not be placed on the economy, employees, products or services. It’s rather the owners themselves who must make changes, and to do this they must redesign themselves.

He recommends business owners seek to create a sustainable business that can eventually be sold. If a business is not marketable, it’s simply a practice, he says.

“A practice depends on you, a business doesn’t,” Clements says.

In order for business owners to create and sustain successful companies, Clements asked seminar attendees to consider that a business is created, bought or owned in order to provide its proprietor with a better life, more money, more leisure time or the chance to be in charge of his or her own destiny.

A business should be viewed as separate from its individual owner, Clements says. An owner should focus on strategies ― proven processes that work and can be replicated ― that allow his or her business to thrive through change.


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