National magazine recognizes top land auction companies

National Auctioneers Association members are principals or employees for companies that comprise the country’s top land auction firms, according to The Land Report.

In the magazine’s annual ranking, “Top 30 Real Estate Auction Companies,” there are 23 businesses that include NAA Auctioneers.

The second-annual report “is based on the total value of their self-reported 2010 domestic land auctions,” according to The Land Report. The feature is in its spring issue.

Tips from the winners 

At the top of the list is Farmers National Co., Austin, Texas. The total value of its auctions, according to the magazine, was $135 million.

“In the last 10 years, we have conducted nearly 2,000 land auctions across the country, and it has been my privilege, as an Auctioneer, to be part of many of these auctions … and having those great agents in the field making calls and office staff crunching out marketing and legal tasks is truly the basis from which much of our company success has been and will be derived from going into the future,” says Farmers National’s Monty Meusch, CAI, CES.

The No. 2 spot went to Schrader Real Estate & Auction, Columbia City, Ind., which had $119.2 million in land auctions.

“Our company has been blessed with a lot of tremendous people over the years that provide a great team effort towards the service that we offer. We are excited to be in the auction business and hope to continue to make an impact that is positive for the industry as a whole,” says Schrader’s RD (Rex) Schrader II, CAI.

Halderman Real Estate Services, Wabash, Ind., came in at No. 3 with $68 million.

“The recent addition of a number of new technology tools, such as real-time online bidding, has helped to expand the potential bidder pool, which leads to higher sales prices for our sellers,” says Halderman’s Chad Metzger, CAI.

Check out Auctioneer magazine to learn about other companies that made the list.


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