NAA Auctioneer hopes videos will help public better understand auction profession

Justin Ochs

What the Internet lacks in auctions

Auctioneer Justin Ochs noticed a disturbing trend in auctions. More people were foregoing traditional auctions and opting instead for the convenience of the Internet.

But Ochs, an Auctioneer in Madison, Tenn., knew online auctions lacked a crucial element.

“A live auction engages people in a manner that creates competition and generates thousands of dollars,” Ochs says. “A computer can’t put a hand on your back and tell you to bid one more time.”

To educate the public about auctioneering, Ochs created “Life Behind the Mic,” a video blog that sheds light on the industry through discussions about hot topics, talks with up-and-coming Auctioneers and interviews with some of the most influential figures in the business.

Launched last fall, the series is already attracting scores of viewers in the auction industry, and Ochs hopes to find ways to reach more of the general public.

When people find out what Ochs does for a living, he says, they immediately want to know more about the Auctioneer chant. But they do not know much more about auctions.

“There’s a misconception that Auctioneers are the guys who sell cattle, and that’s it,” Ochs says. “Throughout the industry, there are a lot of elite businessmen and women selling a lot of important things, and we want to show that.”

Ochs, 32, who owns Diamond Ochs Enterprises, decided early on that “Life Behind the Mic” would include a mix of interviews and live action shots from auctions around the country.

In one clip, he is interviewing Amy Assiter of Assiter & Associates Auctioneers, Canyon, Texas, who is the 2000 International Auctioneer Championship winner, about women in auctioneering. In another, he talks with Joseph Mast, CAI, of Real Estate Showcase, Millersburg, Ohio, about being the youngest Auctioneer at Barrett-Jackson.

The videos are on his website,, as well as on Facebook and YouTube.

Read the complete story in Auctioneer magazine, the official publication of the National Auctioneers Association.


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