The IAC entry deadline is May 25

DSC_6691Editor’s note: The following letters to the editor appeared in the May 2011 issue of Auctioneer magazine.

Consider competition for skill enhancement, networking

Fellow NAA Auctioneers:

I would like to remind and encourage all Auctioneers to enter the 2011 International Auctioneers Championship this July in Orlando, Fla. The entry deadline is May 25.

Being an IAC contestant has always been a great learning experience that has greatly improved my auctioneering skills and ability. The experience of performing with the “best” Auctioneers, while being judged by your peers, will make you focus on doing your very best! Plus, the networking and fellowship opportunity is second to none.

For those who are considering being contestants, I would like to share some tips:

– It’s OK to be nervous — “Where there is no fear, there is also no respect”
– Make a friend, be a friend
– Learn something about others, or yourself, that you can use to improve your abilities
– Ask for honest advice
– Study and understand the scoring criteria
– Be yourself, relax, breathe, smile and have fun

To me, these are the things that make the IAC a positive learning experience. I believe it is what being a National Auctioneers Association member is truly all about. During the contest, it seems like you are not competing against each other, but with each other — with encouragement, advice and opinions freely shared. Everyone wants YOU to have your best day ever!

Being named the 2010 IAC men’s division champion was absolutely incredible! I am very excited and looking forward to seeing you in Orlando. Send your IAC entry form in today!


Eli Detweiler Jr., CAI

Happy spring fellow NAA Auctioneers:

I hope life finds you all well. I am having a very exciting, rewarding and humbling year representing the National Auctioneers Association and auction industry as the 2010 International Auctioneers Championship winner – women’s division. I feel extremely grateful and blessed for the opportunities I have been given and the relationships I have formed because of this honor.

Looking back from 2005 (my first year of entering the contest) until now, my experience has been nothing but positive. Even though I will never stop growing, I am a better Auctioneer because of my commitment to not give up and stick with it. I look forward to the upcoming convention in Orlando, Fla., and I want to strongly encourage everyone to attend Conference and Show and enter the IAC competition.

We have all heard this over and over, but it couldn’t be more true — the education, networking and friendships you will gain are truly priceless! Again, with all of my heart I encourage you to “believe in yourself” and enter the 2011 IAC, because no matter what the outcome is, the experience will be rewarding.

I look forward to seeing you in Orlando!


Kristine Fladeboe-Duininck, BAS


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