NAA adds new staff members

new staffThe National Auctioneers Association added three new staff members in the second half of the year.

Many members have had the chance to meet or speak with Brandi McGrath, the association’s Membership Coordinator, who attended Conference and Show in Greensboro, N.C. Part of McGrath’s role is answering phone calls to NAA headquarters. McGrath’s primary responsibility is managing new member relationships.

In late October, the NAA staff welcomed Nathan Brunzie as Designer for Auctioneer magazine and other print and online projects. Brunzie recently earned his degree in design arts and worked for a niche publication for about a year.

Brunzie will be an essential addition to the staff as the NAA moves forward with a redesign of Auctioneer this  winter.

On Nov. 1, the NAA brought Anna Lewis, a recent college graduate, to the staff as Account
Coordinator. In this new position, Lewis will assist the NAA in advertising, exhibition and sponsorship sales.

Lewis brings with her an array of experiences in project management, electronic journalism and public relations. Advertisers or vendors interested in promoting their companies or products through the NAA should call Lewis at (913) 563-5411.


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