Top negotiating tips for successful Auctioneers

The December issue of Auctioneer magazine includes a story and tips on how to negotiate successfully. Check out this month’s issue, which includes these suggestions:

Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t provide a concession that isn’t tied to gaining something in return
Trade-offs set the right tone for an eventual win-win settlement

Do ask for an explanation for every proposal you receive
Information equals knowledge, which equals power

Don’t immediately accept any offer or proposal
Quick agreements deny parties from thinking they got a “good deal”

Do sell value first or you will always be defending your price
Good packaging and presentation helps to beat the competition, too

Don’t take negotiations personally
Hurt feelings are counter-productive and mask opportunities

Do avoid one-issue negotiations
Multiple issues lay the groundwork for multiple solutions

Don’t be reluctant to “step away” during negotiations
Strategic, brief breaks force a productive re-evaluation of positions


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