New portable auction podium will fit in the back of an SUV

podiumClare, Mich.-based Yoder Brothers Auction Service is working on a variation of its popular portable auction podium, says company co-owner Willis Yoder, CAI.

The new, smaller version of the podium is targeted at the industrial field, Yoder says. When turned sideways, the podium can fit through 32-inch wide doors, he says.

On-site podium

That will prove particularly useful for Auctioneers working on-site industrial auctions, in cases where the auction moves from one room to another, auctioning items as it goes, Yoder says.

Wheels on the narrower podium will allow Auctioneers to move the podium easily throughout the facility.

Despite being narrower than Yoder Brothers’ regular portable podium, which measures 45 inches deep by 59 inches wide, the new model will still be wide enough to allow two people to stand or sit on barstools side by side, Yoder says.

“It gives the Auctioneer a place of command when doing an on-site auction,” Yoder says.

Expected next spring, the model is a variation on the portable podium Yoder and his brother, Leroy, the company’s other owner, rolled out in 2006.

Read more about new auction site equipment in Auctioneer magazine.


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One response to “New portable auction podium will fit in the back of an SUV

  1. I need one of these . How much is the cost Now. I inquired a year ago but I am sure they have probably gone up. What will be the cost to ship to Elkin, NC 28621 …..336-366-7363

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