Real Estate Auction Summit a “must attend”

Whether you’re an expert in real estate auctions or you want to add the auction specialty to your business, the place to be Nov. 8-9 is Atlanta for the National Auctioneers Association’s Real Estate Auction Summit.

United CountryAccording to the NAA Education Institute Chairwoman Barbara Bonnette, CAI, AARE, GPPA, of — Bonnette Auction Co., LLC, Alexandria, La., this year’s summit is a “must attend” event for Auctioneers.

“This is an excellent opportunity whether you’re new into selling real estate or if you’ve been in the business a long time,” Bonnette says. “We’ve got some dynamic speakers lined up that are truly leaders in the industry. It’s a great opportunity to learn about a lot of different aspects of real estate auctions.”

This year’s Real Estate Auction Summit highlights include the following:

Bankruptcy & Foreclosure Auctions: Pros and Cons

Robert Ewald, CAI, AARE, CES, of Ewald Enterprises Inc., Dba Ewald Auction & Realty, Orlando, Fla.

“From a bankruptcy perspective, we talk about the different types of bankruptcies — how to market yourself to bankruptcy, the people to market to and then the types of situations that you’ll come across from the different types of sales,” Ewald says. “We talk a lot about secure creditor negotiations, which are really a big topic in both foreclosures and bankruptcies.”

Seller-Financing & Secured Creditor Financing for Commercial Real Estate Auction Programs

Gordon Greene of Chartwell Group, Cleveland

“It’s a brave new world out there,” Greene says. “One of the most important components of a successful commercial real estate auction is the availability of reasonable financing to prospective bidders who want to participate in your auction event. If the seller or the secured creditor or lender does not provide financing, then who will?

“This seminar will show you how to convince your sellers and/or lender/creditors to provide attractive financing, rather than trying to generate an all-cash sale,” Greene says. “Financing is always a key to maximizing pricing. Terms, conditions, amortizations, guarantees, recourse and carve-outs will all be discussed. Explaining the benefits of built-in financing to sellers and lenders for their own ‘enlightened self-interest’ will put you ahead of the curve in generating additional sales.”

Marketing your Company & Being a Good Competitor
Stephen Karbelk, CAI, AARE, of National Commercial Auctioneers LLC, Tulsa, Okla.

“My focus is going to be on the importance of having consistency in the industry language in order for there to be good competition,” Karbelk says. “We all can’t be good competitors if we keep speaking a different language. I’d like to bring some uniformity to the industry so that we can all compete in a way that promotes auctions as a sales method as opposed to competing against each other for the auctions.”

“I genuinely believe that our greatest competition is not against each other but the lack of information about how and when to hire an Auctioneer by the public,” Karbelk says. “We all need to compete in a way that expands our industry and doesn’t undercut each other.”

The Art & Science of Marketing Campaigns for Commercial Property Auctions
Michael Fine, CAI, AARE, of Fine and Co., LLC, Chicago.

“We will discuss how to advertise commercial properties for the auction and how the marketing concepts for commercial properties have changed dramatically over the last five to ten years — and continue to change on almost a monthly basis today,” Fine says. “We will discuss the different opportunities that are out there for advertising commercially — what works, what doesn’t work.”

For more information or to register for the Real Estate Auction Summit, contact NAA Education Coordinator Lois Zielinski at or (913) 563-5428.


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