Summit to provide next step in benefit auction education

As Auctioneers look to diversify their businesses, benefit auctions are emerging rapidly as profitable segments of the industry, says Michael Avery, the National Auctioneers Association’s Director of Education.

Whereas traditionally charitable organizations have looked to local celebrities or politicians to help raise money for certain causes, many are now realizing the benefits of hiring a professional Auctioneer, Avery says.

“Nonprofits are recognizing that the professional Auctioneer is creating not only a more polished, professional event, but the revenues are significantly higher when you have a real pro setting it up, helping with the marketing and delivering on auction day,” he says.

New location for BAS

With that in mind, the NAA plans to play host to the first Benefit Auction Summit in San Antonio, Texas, on Sept. 20-21. The summit is open to all Auctioneers and will focus on intermediate-to-advanced techniques of the auction specialty.

Read the whole story from Auctioneer magazine here.


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