Past IAC champ offers advice

Bid calling like a champion

On the final day of the NAA’s Conference and Show 2010, many attendees wanted to learn how to bid call like a champion

NAA Director Bryan Knox, CAI, let about three dozen fellow Auctioneers behind the scenes in “Bid Calling with the Champions” on Saturday.

The 2007 International Auctioneer Champion says of all the facets important to being an effective bid caller, perhaps body language and stage presence are the most important, as they involve the auction audience.

“Sometimes, we get lost behind our microphone and our booth,” Knox says. “We forget to use our body language. It hurts the experience of our consumers and doesn’t help us make a connection with the crowd.”

Another feature Knox says is important is exerting confidence and taking control of the crowd.

To demonstrate this, Knox invited everyone in the room to stand up and then quickly told everyone to sit down for no apparent reason.

“Why did you all do what I said? Because I exerted my confidence,” Knox says. “You can lead people by walking into a room and taking charge. You don’t have to come in yelling and screaming ― just by being confident.”

Knox also stressed the importance of ring people and making eye contact with audience members.

“I competed in the IAC three times before I won,” Knox says. “The first two times, I presented myself in a way I thought the judges wanted me to be. The final time, I said to myself, ‘go out there, have fun, and run this like a Saturday morning auction.’ That was the year I won.”


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