NAA puts live person on the phones

In response to member requests, a representative from the National Auctioneers Association’s membership team is now answering all calls to the headquarters telephone number.

Previously, callers were greeted by a recorded message and then required to listen to a list of choices. The process lasted up to two minutes. Now, a membership team representative assists callers almost immediately.

NAA CEO Hannes Combest says although the staff is relatively small, it was important to allocate resources so NAA members are able to speak with a live person and not hear a recording.

“Over the past two years, we’ve heard members voice their frustrations with the automated phone system at NAA headquarters,” Combest says. “While the automated service served a purpose, we wanted to offer a personal touch to members and limit the amount of frustration they might experience while navigating the phone system.”

Additionally, each headquarters employee now has a designated phone number so members can directly dial staff members. Please see the numbers below.

The NAA headquarters line is answered from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. central time, Monday through Friday. Callers are directed to the recording after regular business hours, on weekends and during holidays.

To speak with a membership team representative, call (913) 541-8084.

Staff Direct Line Numbers

(913) 563-5420 – Steven Jackson
(913) 563-5422 – Rhonda Truitt
(913) 563-5423 – Hannes Combest
(913) 563-5424 – Bryan Scribner
(913) 563-5425 – Heather Rempe
(913) 563-5426 – Michael Avery
(913) 563-5427 – Carol Jorgenson
(913) 563-5428 – Lois Zielinski
(913) 563-5429 – Brandi McGrath
(913) 563-5430 – Ryan Putnam
(913) 563-5431 – Chris Longly
(913) 563-5434 – Carol Bond
(913) 563-5435 – Ruth Richardson
(913) 563-5439 – Joyce Peterson



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2 responses to “NAA puts live person on the phones

  1. This is great. However, it would be greater if the area of responsibity was printed next to each name in the phone list. Some of us don’t know who does what at the association.

    Thanks, great move.
    Harry Sutherland, BAS Auctioneer

  2. Bryan

    Great point, Harry. Here you go:

    (913) 563-5420 – Steven Jackson, IT administrator
    (913) 563-5422 – Rhonda Truitt, director of finance and administrative services
    (913) 563-5423 – Hannes Combest, CEO
    (913) 563-5424 – Bryan Scribner, director of publications and trade show
    (913) 563-5425 – Heather Rempe, membership specialist
    (913) 563-5426 – Michael Avery, director of education
    (913) 563-5427 – Carol Jorgenson, NAF CEO
    (913) 563-5428 – Lois Zielinski, education coordinator
    (913) 563-5429 – Brandi McGrath, membership coordinator
    (913) 563-5430 – Ryan Putnam, associate editor/designer
    (913) 563-5431 – Chris Longly, deputy executive director
    (913) 563-5434 – Carol Bond, accounting associate
    (913) 563-5435 – Ruth Richardson, accounting associate
    (913) 563-5439 – Joyce Peterson, Conference and Show manager

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