Educational designations clear path to new opportunities

By Bryan Scribner


To many people, a professional designation might look like nothing more than three or four letters behind a name.

For National Auctioneers Association members, they are symbolic of a commitment made to further their professional development and improve the auction profession.

What’s more, NAA Auctioneers say the letters help them earn business and garner respect from other professionals.

Troy Lippard, CAI, of United Country Lippard Auctioneers Inc., Enid, Okla., says educational designations are about investing in yourself and your company.

“If you’re not willing to invest in yourself you’re probably not going to do too much for the business, and for your own business,” Lippard says. “You have to keep furthering your education no matter how old you get.”

Lippard says he has been called as an expert witness in real estate lawsuits, and his CAI designation has come in handy because it provides him …

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